Re:value – In the future, you don’t have to be after information, they will come up to you.

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Imagine you get observed day & nigh by your personal assistant.
He knows what you like, he knows where you go, what you’re talking about. all your interest, moods and wishes. He’s always by your side.
Wherever you are, you can get relevant news. You’ll never miss any events. You’re always right in the middle.
The digital and the real world are completely fused. You are constantly networked with your environment. Your assistant will keep you up to date screened on interactive surfaces integrated in the cityscape.
You can easily meet people with the same interests, exchanging trends and news, experience new brands and products, doing sports in a team, buying presents for friends, manage your everyday life.
Your own lifestyles & trends in a map, generated by your personal device. One app a time, when you need it, right out of the cloud.
Simply live and share your favourite and individual lifestyle.

Re:value is an examination of the consumption and social behavior of our society over the next few years and decades which resulted in an overall concept about interaction of society that questions our current understanding of privacy and values and presents new ways and solutions. The concept movie is about a hobby-photographer looking for special moments while she is walking around in the city. The community is always accompanying her – making suggestions, showing indications and informing about relevant news.

A project by Franziska Recht, Christin Hölscher and Christoph Schroeder developped within the master’s level classes ‘Future Retail’, supervised by Julian Koschwitz.


The project is based on four essential theories which are forming the starting point for every thought of re:value:

„No separation of Digital and Real“

The boundaries between the real and the digital world will become more and more blurred. In the future you won’t be able to clearly distinguish between those two fields which will blend into a mutual dependence.

„Social networks – real and virtual – will become more and more important“

The relevance of social networks rises, while at the same time the wish for individuality increases. Their main purpose is talking about everyday matters and sharing personal experiences and interests.

„Immateriality gains in importance. Immediate access to adequate knowledge becomes a new status symbol“

There will be a change of values when it comes to status symbols. Expensive and pompous physical goods – like cars – will lose their prestigious nature. The new things which will be of value are flexibility and free |structuring of time, unlimited access to knowledge services and |environmental responsibility.

„Relevance beats quantity and the entertainment factor“

Offering an increasing number of search results will soon not be enough. The user will prefer ten relevant and personalized results to ten millions which don’t really fit.


The communicative center of re:value is an exchange-platform we call community, a digital copy of society that focuses on the user and his individuality, a place to share personal interests, preferences and experiences and to communicate with friends and like-minded people. The “own-minded” mobile device of the future serves as personal assistant and best friend at the same time. It adequately selects situational relevant information by observing the user and his/her environment and independently inter-exchanging with the community. Say the user is engaged with finding a new snowboard – the device will automatically arrange images and videos of skiing vacations with snowboards, the user might find interesting. These can be shared with friends who might throw in their own impressions and give product recommendations. Beyond that you can access events and suggestions from the past via the feature history. The so called feature heatmap lets you see this information located on a map with current, constant shifting events called hotspots. The ultimate blending of digital and real takes place at interactive surfaces, present everywhere within the urban infrastructure since they are entirely integrated into the cityscape. At these spots any desired number of users can meet, share experiences, have a media-supported conversation, play games and exchange information and recommendations.


The mobile device of the future will be a flexible OLED foil, that can be folded, bended or rolled-up. These conditions generate a wide range of new interaction possibilities, like bending the device to zoom in and out, which is illustrated in our movie. Everywhere in the city are interactive surfaces which let you access the community and share your lifestyle or get new trends. These virtual interfaces are thin OLED foils, linked to built-in cameras, integrated in the urban structure, for example floors and walls, or even lantern poles and benches. The cityscape will change its appearance, merging the real and virtual worlds into a single unit. The immediate access to adequate knowledge is given by using a recommender system that generates relevant information items. By building a detailed profile of each user’s taste and lifestyle by recording details of the user’s environment, the community can recommend trends and makes suggestions similar to the user’s favorites.